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Benefits of Training at Words in Action

Many people take their voice for granted and underestimate its impact and importance. Yet voice awareness and its effect on others can be developed as a powerful business tool. The benefits to firms of a vocally trained workforce from the first port of call for a member of the public - the receptionist - right up to the director who meets the prime movers and shakers are invaluable.

Ask the question - How much return will we get on our investment in voice training for our staff?

People retain much more information given by a voice trained person than by an untrained one.


Voice trained people

  • know how to breathe properly and use the breath efficiently to produce a pleasant sounding voice
  • can project voice so that it carries to every corner of a room
  • sound confident and convincing
  • can hold the listener’s attention
  • create a good impression and sound knowledgeable
  • can inspire positive reactions
  • have learned how to control nerves and channel the energy produced to add sparkle to a presentation


The first two points are particularly relevant to professional voice users such as call centre staff, trainers, sports coaches, teachers and lecturers. These people are using their voices far more intensively and continuously than any other professional. Without training their voices are misused and they may need referral to an ear. nose and throat consultant and a speech and language therapist. In some cases it may be too late for the damage to be sufficiently repaired to allow them to continue in the job.

In the meantime the employer is losing money in employing temporary staff to cover the sickness period. On the positive side a voice trained person can deliver information far more efficiently and interestingly so engaging and holding the listener’s attention. Information is retained better and longer to the benefit of the organisation - saving time, money and increasing customer satisfaction.

Environmental stress - for instance pollution from fumes from photocopiers and hi-lighter pens, the dry atmosphere of double glazed, centrally heated rooms, noise from machines, and, in open plan offices, other people - has a detrimental effect on the voice. The voice has a hard time and people wonder how it is, at the end of the day, they suffer from dry, hoarse voices, tired voices which have lost their power, painful throats. With voice training all this can be alleviated resulting in a fitter workforce - a workforce who feel the boss cares for their welfare and who will repay this with loyalty and commitment.

Business managers and executives have a higher profile in representing their firms. Voice training can give them a greater understanding of the impact of voice and how they can use voice to persuade people and make more powerful presentations. All too often nowadays people rely on technology such as microphones and power point to carry off their presentations. And they have their place. But what if something breaks down? It is here a speaker can make a lasting impression - and it has to be a good impression. Someone who has had effective voice training can carry the day, give the listener confidence in their business ability, and perhaps clinch the deal. Vocal presentation plays an enormous part in building business relationships. Why do con men get away with so much? Whoever heard of a con man who speaks poorly? They recognise the power of good speech and exploit it to the full. Good business men should employ the same tools for more ethical reasons.

Voice training has had a poor press being associated with bad elocutionary voices of the “how now brown cow” variety. Good voice training is not concerned with eradicating local accents but more with energising the voice, extending variety of expression and engaging the listener’s interest and concentration and leading him or her to react positively to the speaker - just what business needs for success.

Coming back to return on investment in training, voice trained employees are more efficient at the job, give a good impression of the company, can bring in more business, are likely to have a feel good outlook that reflects in their daily lives leading them to feel valued and to have a positive attitude to self development. These employees give out good vibes about the firm to customers and potential clients.


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