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Customer Feedback

We are proud to reproduce here some of the comments we have had from satisfied clients.


A revealing insight into using your voice to better effect.

Whole session was very enjoyable.

Someone who obviously knows her subject matter.

A most enjoyable training event.

I learned how to vary my voice to hold the attention and maximise a point.

I enjoyed the exercises for pitch and tone – it was new and interesting.

I will concentrate more on correct breathing and how I use my lips, teeth, tongue

It will help me concentrate and stay focused.

I wish it had been a whole day.

A welcome side effect – my dog responds immediately without my needing to shout.

Startled and pleased by the authority of my new voice.

Have found confidence in my ability to communicate with the reassurance of learning from someone who recognises and addresses the fears of speaking in public.

It has made me realise how vulnerable my voice is in my job but I am now aware of steps I can take to prevent problems of strain and tired voice.


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