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Voice Training Courses

At Words in Action you learn the process of relaxation and how to build up your confidence and use your voice to communicate your message with impact. We offer courses covering all aspects of:


Voice production

  • capacity and control of breath
  • articulation
  • enunciation
  • resonance



  • projection, pausing, phrasing
  • intonation
  • modulation (variety of pitch, pace, inflection, emphasis, volume)



  • You will be heard
  • You will be understood
  • Your listeners will share your feelings
  • You will be sufficiently stress free to enjoy the occasion

Before voice training

After voice training


Individual and group tuition (5-10 ) available.

Courses are normally held at Duntrune House but we can arrange courses at your location subject to reimbursement of expenses.

See Home Page for rates and date of next group course.

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